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Sauna Climate Control

This is the first time I am hearing about it, is it something like air conditioning in a sauna?

Something similar, yes.

Currently, apart from the accumulation of CO2 that we can deal with proper ventilation, the other main problem in the modern saunas is simply that the top levels are too hot, while the lower levels are too cold. This, together with a lack of oxygen at head level and steam that both scalds the skin and doesn’t last long, results in an unpleasant, tiring sensation.


We use a patented solution, called the Saunum Base, that mixes steam from the higher levels and cold air from the lower levels, filters it through Himalayan salt crystals and distributes it throughout the room, creating more moisture, a more even temperature, and more oxygen at head level, which all leads to more efficient sweating and a more pleasant experience. This also provides more sauna design flexibility as it eliminates the need for high benches in order for the whole body to sit in an even heat. This makes it suitable for modern contemporary single bench saunas, such as steam sauna combinations next to each other behind glass fronts.

Saunum Base Solution is an indoor climate control system that we incorporate discreetly within our design so that its unnoticeable, and it mixes the extremely hot steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels. The air layers and steam are then mixed inside the device and a smooth air-steam mixture comes out of the device that ensures a more even temperature throughout the sauna room. The device also adds Himalayan salt ions into the air, which have a healthy effect on the skin and respiration system. By changing the settings, the climate control system allows you to turn a regular sauna into a hot steam home sauna. 


Once properly designed and installed, this system enables the sauna experience to be softer for the whole body, with increased active sweating,  extended sauna session with a stimulating effect.

Our new build climate controlled saunas use a combination of HUUM Sauna Heaters and Saunum Base Solution, but we can also install climate control to all kinds of saunas, new or existing, just send us a photo and ask us free advice!  

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