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Climate controlled saunas for sauna connoisseurs

Our climate controlled saunas use a patented solution, by Saunum, that mixes steam from the higher levels and cold air from the lower levels, filters it through Himalayan salt crystals and distributes it throughout the room, creating more moisture, a more even temperature, and more oxygen at head level, which all leads to more efficient sweating and a more pleasant experience. This also provides more sauna design flexibility as it eliminates the need for high benches in order for the whole body to sit in an even heat.

Saunum Base Solution is an indoor climate device that we incorporate discreetly within our design so that it is unnoticeable, and it mixes the extremely hot steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels. The air layers and steam are then mixed inside the device and a smooth air-steam mixture comes out of the device that ensures a more even temperature throughout the sauna room. The device also adds Himalayan salt ions into the air, which have a healthy effect on the skin and respiration system. By changing the settings, the climate control system allows you to turn a regular sauna into a hot steam home sauna. 

Key Features

  • Robust CLS timber frame for longevity

  • Can be altered on site to fit the space

  • ​ASPEN / ALDER cladding with THERMO ASPEN available as optional extra

  • Benches available in same or contrasting colour  

  • All glass front with choice of horizontal or vertical handle  

  • HUUM STEEL/CLIFF/HIVE sauna heater with separate touch controls  

  • SAUNUM BASE climate control system

  • Concealed LED strip accent lighting


Below are some of the more popular climate controlled sauna sizes installed by us and also sold as DIY kits for competent DIY enthusiasts: (the space doesn't have to be exactly as the sauna dimensions, all saunas are built on site so we can adapt to space available) 

SAUNUM Climate Controlled Sauna Prices

Upto 1.8m X 1.5m

Medium 4 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £9,995

Thermo Aspen Upgrade £1,000

Upto 2.4m X 2.1m

Extra Large 8 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £18,995

Thermo Aspen Upgrade £1,500

Upto 2.1m X 1.8m

Large 6 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £12,995

Thermo Aspen Upgrade £1,000

Upto 3.0m X 3.0m

Commercial 12 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £29,995

Thermo Aspen Upgrade £2,000

*Prices include:

  • FF-PIR Sauna Insulation

  • Sauna Vapour Barrier & Joining Tape

  • THERMO ALDER / THERMO ASPEN Sauna Wall Panelling with Discrete Mounting Clips

  • THERMO ALDER / THERMO ASPEN Sauna Bench Timber in same / contrasting colour

  • One or Two Sauna Headrests (depending on sauna size)

  • LED Strip Sauna Light + Sauna Heater Spot Light

  • One whole side in glass and frameless sauna door with vertical handle (specify left or right opening)

  • HUUM Stainless Steel Sauna Heater + Saunum Base System with Touch Pad Controls

  • Sauna Thermo-Hygrometer

**Installation excludes preparation work or builders work (to be done by others based on our drawings)


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