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Strong enough to last 50 years

We build our outdoor saunas just like a garden room, and not like a garden shed. On a concrete base laid for us by others, we erect a permanent structure using treated timber, fit a resin roof over it just like you would do in your house extension, insulate all around and finish the outside in premium quality featheredge or T&G exterior cladding. Depending on the size and specification, we fit either an 8mm sauna door in the front, a timber sauna door on the side with a glass panel in the front, or for larger luxury outdoor saunas a set of aluminium bifold doors outside followed by a full glass panel and sauna door on the inside.


The floor is then tiled using the tiles supplied by the client, and the sauna is then fitted in just like our quality indoor saunas. The normal lifespan of these buildings is 30 to 50 years and they don't need much maintenance. Using this construction, we can design and install a standalone sauna, a sauna with cooling off and changing space, a sauna with shower, changing and seating space, even a wet facilities complex with a sauna, steam room (that also doubles as a shower room), W/C, hot tub, pantry, bar and some seating space or even a gym. The possibilities are endless.

As with the traditional sauna, the outdoor sauna is also available in a variety of timber finishes, but most common are the ASPEN / ALDER / THERMA ASPEN clad sauna with matching or contrasting bench timber, 'HUUM' electric heater with touch pad controls mounted outside the sauna, and LED strip lighting with a dedicated feature light for the sauna heater. Our outdoor saunas tend to be on the larger size with the smallest one being a 5m X 2m external dimensions (10 sqm) building housing a 4 seater sauna so not much suitable for very small gardens, but are available in a variety of standard shapes and sizes (plus with our bespoke service the building can be fitted to any garden, space permitting), and will cost anywhere between £19,995 for a medium size (10 sqm)  building housing a 1.8m X 1.8m sauna to £49,995 for a 10m X 4m external dimensions (40 sqm) garden room with a sauna, shower, W/C, changing space, and a generous lounge area including installation but excluding connection to services. For service connections, add another  £2,000 to £3,000.

* Please note that these saunas are all designed as one offs and we can build to any available outdoor space, just call us or fill up the form at the bottom of the page.


Room Size 10 sqm

Sauna Size 1.8m X 1.8m

Sauna + Change

Total fully installed £29,995

Room Size 30 sqm

Sauna Size 2.40m X 2.40m

Sauna + Shower + WC + Change

Total fully installed £59,995

Room Size 20 sqm

Sauna Size 2.10m X 2.10m

Sauna + Shower + Change

Total fully installed £49,995

Room Size 40 sqm

Sauna Size 3.00m X 2.40m

Sauna + Shower + WC + Change + Lounge + Pantry

Total fully installed £69,995


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