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Quick heating sauna with traditional charm and energy saving benefits

Our carefully designed hybrid sauna not only combines the energy saving benefits of the infrared sauna to the charm and experience of a traditional Finnish sauna, but also does it in style. There are no ugly panels on the walls, our sleek glass IR panels go on the ceiling so the sauna looks a 100% like a traditional sauna from outside, which is perfect if you there are having one or two sides in clear glass.

The glass infrared panels use latest technology to emit infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the body to create a deep, penetrating heat and thus provides a number of health benefits, including improved circulation, detoxification, and stress relief. Our hybrid saunas are also more energy efficient than traditional saunas because they use less heat to achieve the same temperature.

Our hybrid saunas are made out of the premium ASPEN / ALDER wood can also be installed in the more exotic THERMO varieties of these timbers. The dual control panel for the hybrid sauna is the most important part of the installation since it needs to control both the IR panels and the traditional sauna heater. A standard electric traditional sauna heater is used with stones so that water can be used to produced Löyly.


Key Features ​​

  • Robust CLS timber frame for longevity

  • Can be altered on site to fit the space

  • ASPEN / ALDER cladding with THERMO ASPEN available as optional extra

  • Benches available in same or contrasting colour

  • All glass front with choice of horizontal or vertical handle

  • HARVIA CILINDRO TALL sauna heater with separate touch controls

  • Class ceiling mounted IR sauna panels 

  • Concealed LED strip accent lighting

Below are some of the more popular hybrid sauna sizes installed by us and also sold as DIY kits for competent DIY enthusiasts:

(the space doesn't have to be exactly as the sauna dimensions, all saunas are built on site so we can adapt to space available) 

Quick Heating HYBRID Sauna Prices

Upto 1.2m X 1.0m

Compact Single Sauna

Total fully installed £7,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

Upto 1.5m X 1.2m

Medium 3 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £9,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

Upto 2.1m X 1.8m

Large 6 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £13,495

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,500

Upto 1.2m X 1.2m

Small Couples Sauna

Total fully installed £8,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

Upto 1.8m X 1.5m

Medium 4 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £10,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

Upto 2.4m X 2.1m

Extra Large 8 Person Sauna

Total fully installed £14,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,500

*Prices include:

  • FF-PIR Sauna Insulation

  • Sauna Vapour Barrier & Joining Tape

  • ALDER / ASPEN Sauna Wall Panelling with Discrete Mounting Clips

  • ALDER / ASPEN Sauna Bench Timber in same / contrasting colour

  • One or Two Sauna Headrests (depending on sauna size)

  • LED Strip Sauna Light + Sauna Heater Spot Light

  • One whole side in glass and frameless sauna door with vertical handle
  • Wall Hanging Sauna Heater + Glass IR Panels with Touch Pad Controls

  • Sauna Thermo-Hygrometer


**Installation excludes preparation work or builders work (to be done by others based on our drawings)


Fill up the form below to get a free site survey and a detailed installation quote or click on the button below to buy DIY sauna kits.

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