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Mosaics, large tiles or natural stone finishes

Each and every one of our steam rooms is bespoke, we do not supply DIY steam rooms. Our designers will speak to you to get an idea of what you want and, with input from our technical department, produce a concept design for your approval. Once we have agreed on the concept and you have placed the order, you will get a 3-D sketch before we start any work on site. In some cases, our clients do have a concept design ready, and we are happy to provide a free survey and fix price quote on that basis.

We can offer the steam rooms finished in glass mosaic tiles, full body porcelain, natural stone, slate, or exquisite marble. Our steam rooms are constructed out of high thermal efficiency insulated tile backing boards over high integrity vapour barriers that offer long lasting performance. The ceiling and seat surfaces are designed to avoid condensation droplets falling over bathers, and we often use contrasting finishes to give the dramatic effect.  We use concealed indirect LED lighting for a non-intrusive glare free steam room experience.


Only the most tried and tested equipment are used in our steam rooms and the steam generators and controls are from Harvia. Having said that, a good steam room installation is more than sourcing the best equipment and putting them together, the system needs to be well coordinated to extract the best out of the individual components, and that’s where our technical department is at its best. We make sure that your steam room is reliable and as energy efficient as possible.

The steam rooms are available in a variety of tile finishes, but most common is the combination of big tiles on the walls/ floor and mosaics on the seat/ceiling. We fit the steam generator outside the steam room with touchpad controls and, once you have finished your steam bath, steam is vented out to the external environment through an exhaust.


Our steam rooms tend to be on the larger size with the smallest one being a 1.20m X 1.20m 2-person design priced at £9,995 and almost in all cases the steam room is combined with a sauna to complete the experience. However, we can design and install bespoke steam rooms to fit almost any space.


Below are some of the more popular steam room sizes installed by us : 

Steam Room Prices

Size 1.20m X 1.20m

Fully installed £12,995

Size 1.80m X 1.80m

Fully installed £16,995

Size 1.80m X 1.20m

Fully installed £14,995

Size 2.40m X 1.80m

Fully installed £19,995

**Installation excludes preparation work or builders work (to be done by others based on our drawings)


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