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Traditional outdoor sauna with a living room


The generously sized Sala range is made up of a sauna built within the main building in the sense that the sauna occupies less than 50% of the room's footprint. The size of this space enables the owner to use it for almost whatever they want. The saunas in this range are the same size as the Portico range but the bigger outside space means that the buildings are much larger, so only suitable for very large gardens. Another difference is that the sauna and the relaxing space can be finished in different materials to give it a more homely look. There rest is similar to the outdoor range, two sets of glass panels, outside is a bifold configuration and on the inside is a frameless glass front, robust build quality using the sturdy weathered timber frame and long lasting metal roof combined with British Western Red cedar cladding. Interior is aspen or alder as standard, and you can also order this in the optional extra Thermo Aspen finish for a richer look. The clients especially like the freedom to have the complete sauna experience in any weather with this package.

​Key Features

  • Treated timber structure with slab insulation

  • Metal cladded roof for unrivalled weather protection

  • British Western Red Cedar exterior cladding (painted or natural)

  • 8mm premium Sauna door with fixed panel on the inside

  • Aluminium bifold doors on the outside

  • Cosy and pleasant ASPEN / ALDER / THERMO ASPEN interior cladding

  • Available with the choice of matching or contrasting benches.

  • Wooden details pre-treated with sauna wax

  • HUUM STEEL/CLIFF/HIVE electric heater with UKU Glass controls

  • Heater rating of 3.5kW, 6kW, 9kW or 12kW

  • LED interior lighting with IR sensor switch

  • 3 nos. up-down lighters outside and 4 nos. spotlights in the seating space operated by external switch

The interior finish option available for this sauna is ASPEN / ALDER clad sauna with matching or contrasting bench timber, you can order THERMO ASPEN for extra and the package is complete with a 'HUUM STEEL / CLIFF / HIVE' electric heater with 'UKU GLASStouch pad controls mounted outside the sauna, and LED strip lighting. The SALA comes in four configurations:

Sauna interior finished size 1.8m X 1.5m X 2.1m height (plus 1,800mm wide seating)

Sauna interior finished size 2.1m X 1.8m X 2.1m height (plus 2,100mm wide seating)

Sauna interior finished size 2.4m X 2.1m X 2.1m height (plus 2,400mm wide seating)

Sauna interior finished size 3.0m X 2.4m X 2.1m height (plus 3,000mm wide seating)

*Please note that these saunas are built from scratch on site, so the best time for installation is in dry weather. Also we would need the sauna base in concrete already cast on site before we start work. Tiling the sauna floor is included, the clients have to supply the tiles of their choice.

**Delivery 3-4 weeks, build time 2 weeks.


1.8m X 1.5m

(plus 1.8m on side)

Glass Front + Bifolds

Total fully installed £24,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

2.4m X 2.1m

(plus 2.4m on side)

Glass Front + Bifolds

Total fully installed £29,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

2.1m X 1.8m

(plus 2.1m on side)

Glass Front + Bifolds

Total fully installed £27,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

3.0m X 2.4m

(plus 3.0m on side)

Glass Front + Bifolds

Total fully installed £34,995

Thermo Aspen upgrade £1,000

*Prices include:

  • Detailed design drawings

  • Sauna frame in treated wood

  • Exterior cladding and fixings

  • ASPEN / ALDER / THERMO ASPEN Sauna Interior Wall Panelling


  • LED Strip Sauna Light & exterior lights

  • Aluminium bifold doors and fixings

  • Glass Sauna Door (plus fixed panel) with wood handle (specify left or right opening)

  • Freestanding HUUM electric sauna heater with UKU Glass controls and stones

*Installation excludes connection to electric mains consumer unit board and concrete pad (to be done by others based on our drawings)


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