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Unwind in style 

Vulcana is a sauna that combines a stylish, modern design with the finest craftsmanship and superior materials. The deep golden colour and smooth surfaces of the thermo-aspen walls are elegantly offset by dark embossed Ignite cladding to create a uniquely tasteful and striking synergy. The stunning Ignite cladding in alder is used sparingly on the feature walls to accentuate the thermo-aspen’s true splendour.  The allure of Vulcana’s exquisite design is not only visual; ease of use and wellness are also built in, with the app-controlled heater saving effort, the angled backrest adding comfort and the large glass frontage creating an invitingly bright and open space.


​Key Features

  • Modern, sleek design - the perfect indoor sauna for the modern home, Vulcana combines high-quality materials with stylish aesthetics for a contemporary wellness experience.

  • Unique cladding combination - Vulcana’s attractive, deep- golden thermo-aspen cladding panels are complemented by exquisite dark walls in Ignite alder.  

  • Auroom x HUUM CORE heater Designed in cooperation with award-winning producer HUUM, the CORE heater comes with a range of safety features, including a child lock and door sensor.  

  • HUUM UKU Glass controller UKU Glass makes operating your sauna’s heating and lighting easier than ever. The control unit offers several safety features and a Wi-Fi connection to the Auroom mobile app.

  • Premium door with metal or wood handle.

  • Wooden details pre-treated with sauna wax.

The only finish option available for this sauna is THERMO ASPEN clad sauna with matching bench timber, with 'IGNITE' cladding highlights and back wall. The package is complete with a 'HUUM CORE' electric heater with 'UKU GLASStouch pad controls mounted outside the sauna, and LED strip lighting. The VULCANA sauna comes in only one configuration:

2.0m X 2.0m X 2.1m height with wood front and glass door

*Please note that these are precision engineered saunas crafted within controlled environment at the factory, so it is not advisable to alter these to fit in spaces that are not the exact dimensions.

**Delivery 4 weeks.

Auroom VULCANA Sauna Prices

2.0m X 2.0m

All Glass Front

Total fully installed £19,995

*Price includes:

  • Sauna Floor, Walls and Ceiling Frame

  • IGNITE / THERMO ASPEN Sauna Interior Wall Panelling

  • THERMO ASPEN Sauna Benches

  • LED Strip Sauna Light

  • Deluxe Sauna Door (plus fix panel if applicable) with Vertical Handle (specify left or right opening)

  • Free Standing HUUM CORE Sauna Heater with UKU Glass Touch Controls

*Floor grids, exterior panelling for side and back walls, heater guard, bucket, ladle, hygrometer, thermometer can all be added for very reasonable extra cost, just send us a message to enquire.

**Installation excludes preparation work or builders work (to be done by others based on our drawings)


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